MediXall Group, Inc. Announces Program to Enlist Diagnostic Centers to Support Its MediXaid(TM) Electronic Healthcare Marketplace Platform

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FORT LAUDERDALE, FL–(Marketwired – Feb 8, 2017) – MediXall Group Inc., ( OTCQB : MDXL ), a technology and innovation-driven organization purposefully designed and structured to bring effective change to the U.S. healthcare industry, is pleased to announce that it has launched a program to recruit and enlist licensed and certified Diagnostic Centers to support its MediXaid™ platform, a dynamic and value-driven healthcare electronic marketplace for medical services and products direct to the consumer.
The electronic healthcare marketplace and platform will allow clients to shop for their own medical services, diagnostic procedures, medical products and devices. In addition to a wide range of healthcare information and content, the platform will provide the consumer with the ability to select and purchase a wide variety of medical services including physician, diagnostic and laboratory services, and pharmacy and health care-related products sorted by price, availability and location. The goal of the MediXaid™ platform is to deliver to the consumer transparency in their healthcare with cost-effective health care products and services through free market competition. The platform also focuses on convenience and urgency by highlighting products and services that are readily available and conveniently located for the consumer.
The enlisting of certified Diagnostic Centers is a major step in the process of bringing competitive pricing and availability of medical services direct to the consumer. Initial reception has been very good by the Diagnostic Centers as the Company has already signed up a number of tier 1 centers in Florida. “There are an estimated 30 million people in the United States who do not have any health insurance and another estimated 27 percent of the U.S. population with high deductible health care plans,” stated MediXall Chairman Noel Guillama. The MediXaid™ Health Care Platform will provide a valuable resource to these and all consumers as they deal with trying to achieve wellness in a financially challenging system. “The online marketplace is a well-established model for utilizing the power of competition to empower the consumer in this era of growing deductibles and healthcare costs,” Mr. Guillama added.
MediXaid™, conceived with the cooperation of its development partner, The Quantum Group, Inc. (QGP), and owner of a robust electronic healthcare record system platform and technology portfolio containing 13 granted patents, 18 pending patents and nearly 1,000 combined patent claims, is poised to bring transparency and free market competition to the healthcare industry. The platform will offer consumers and corporations, such as self-insured companies operating under ERISA (Employee Retirement Security Act of 1974) and private insurance companies, the ability to cost compare, price and sort for medical services and products by price, first available appointment and nearest location. MediXall has completed development of the platform prototype and expects to launch the platform by the end of Q2 2017.
About MediXall Group, Inc. MediXall Group is a technology and innovation-driven organization purposefully designed and structured to bring effective change to the U.S. healthcare industry. The Company believes its revolutionary approach will help drive much change that it envisions is needed in the current healthcare system. MediXall Group’s mission is to revolutionize the medical industry by improving communication, providing better technology and support services, and enabling more efficient, cost-effective healthcare for the consumer. By approaching the healthcare ecosystem as a whole, MediXall creates, invests and incubates companies that embody its mission statement and vision.
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