Government Unveils Historic Price Transparency Rule

MediXall Group, Inc. Expands its Strategic Advisory Board with Global Experts in Healthcare
August 3, 2018

Although an excellent start from the government, price transparency has been our main focus at MediXall for years. 
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Dear Shareholders and Friends,
When we started TBG, the goal was to bring high-potential Venture Capital (Private Equity) opportunities to our opted-in, accredited investors.
You probably already know the Generally Accepted Formula for expectations in Private Equity portfolios: PE Rule of thumb: 1 company out of 7 will be a winner…
TBG’s historical performance: out of every 5 companies, * 1 will be an outstanding performer, * 2 will make a positive profit, * 2 will not perform as per expectations.
Every company we invest in has the potential to be a winner, or we will not invest in it.
You are well-positioned to make a very good return.
At TBG, even when we experience a loss, we make up the value to our shareholders. Our Portfolio is now in the best shape ever.
Introducing Ted Romeo: Senior Vice President
This next bit of news has been months in the making, and we are more pleased than we can tell you to have formally engaged Sr. Vice President, Ted Romeo, to lead our Shareholder Relations Team! Some of you may have had the pleasure of speaking to Mr. Romeo, so already understand the quality of leadership and level of oversight he brings. Ted took some time to do extensive due diligence on TBG and its portfolio companies, and was the only Shareholder Relations supervisor in the history of the company to put TBG through such a rigorous proving period before committing to the position. You can have confidence that Ted Romeo brings to your portfolio both an unprecidented depth of knowledge about the companies, the industries in which they operate, and how you might want to position your holdings to take advantage of market conditions. Give Ted Romeo a call at 954-908-3348 for any questions.
Public Company News
We decided the best way to protect your value is to uplift our companies, once they are ready, to a major exchange, such as NASDAQ or NYSE before registering shares for trading. Although it would be simpler to just register the shares where they are, the valuation of the companies, and of the shareholders’ portfolios, could suffer. We do not believe that would be a fundamentally sound decision.
Important Articles
Please read the brief interview with Joseph Tagliola, CEO of Collamele Holdings, our newest portfolio company. Find out why an international industry leader in the commercial real estate sector decided to partner with TBG to develop Healthcare Complexes now.
Our new Investment Consulting Program, headed up by veteran IRA trainer, Michael Nelson, is in place to assist shareholders with their investment and IRA accounts and setting up Health Savings Accounts. We know many of you will want to speak to Mr. Nelson right away. See more information below.
Also included below are updates on TMS and TKCI, which many of you own.
As you can see, we at TBG are continuing to work very hard to build long-term value in your companies, bringing about the generous liquidity events that have been the ultimate goal since each company was formed.
We are looking forward to even better growth in the remainder of 2019.
Sincerely, Neil Swartz, CEO
Collarmele Holdings CEO, Joseph Tagliola talks about his evolving relationship with TBG Holdings, and previews plans for Collarmele Holdings. ————————————————————
Q: Why and How did you begin to work with TBG?
JT: In 2014, TBG had the opportunity to purchase the most successful entertainment train in the country, the Napa Valley Wine Train. Part of the collateral of that railroad property complex were a few large outparcels of valuable, but underutilized, commercial real estate that had fallen into disrepair through neglect.
I took a detailed look at the individual properties, as well as the whole deal, and was able to create not only a current and realistic valuation for the properties, but also a proposed plan to revitalize and repurpose the properties for use in the business, or for resale. TBG was then able to present a workable, fair offer to the owners of Napa Valley Wine Train.
Though the offer was not accepted, TBG was confident that they had presented a realistic and potentially profitable model for that property, and this experience set the stage for an ongoing synergistic relationship between Collarmele Partners and TBG. ————————————————————
Q: Why did you decide to partner with TBG in Collarmele Holdings?
JT: As we started evolving Collarmele Partners, and expanding into the triple net lease business, as well as the current ongoing business of mixed-use properties, we started looking for different types of capital resources. In the past, for the larger projects, we had typically utilized a GPLP (General Partner / Limited Partner) structure, and we were looking at creating a real estate fund through which we would raise and manage capital resources for the projects we are doing. For several years we had been observing a growing opportunity for integrating a
Q&A with Joseph Tagliola, continued
“WeWork” type model for medical, health and wellness practices into retail and mixed-use developments. TBG’s experience in creating MediXall, and the resulting connections with the healthcare industry, bring both industry expertise and technological resources that will help us build traction with existing landlords, who are trying to stay competitive in the current marketplace and want to create more quality foot traffic for their properties. We know this is something that is trending right now, and represents an observable, current opportunity. ————————————————————
Q: What do you anticipate from this partnership in the near future?
JT: We have been working on a pipeline of large-scale commercial development projects for quite a while. Once capital is raised, Collarmele Holdings will be the source for our equity going into all of these development projects. We have already established place holders for a few of our smaller deals to build the foundation for Collarmele Holdings. We are putting projects into Collarmele Holdings at today’s valuation (at cost) as a kicker for new shareholders coming into the company. We anticipate this will provide instant equity and early asset appreciation for the benefit of the shareholders.
We also anticipate that MediXall will contribute substantially to our ability to create optimal working spaces for medical and healthcare-related businesses, increasing the satisfaction of these tenants, and creating a growing market for Collarmele Holdings properties. ———————————————————— (To be continued in the next newsletter…)
NEW TBG Program: (
IRA, Wealth Management, Health Savings (
TBG has recently engaged JM Consultants, led by CEO, Michael Nelson, to create customized solutions for TBG Shareholders to hold securities in IRA or wealth management accounts, facilitating the deposits into active trading accounts following the lifting of restrictions.
JM Consultants is also creating a program for Health Savings accounts, to assist Shareholders in establishing and understanding how this powerful program works.
Michael Nelson has decades of successful wealth management and has written a comprehensive manual for IRA Procedures that is a valued desk reference for the wealth management industry.
Please contact Michael Nelson at 954-653-8257 or email IRA Accounts (
MediXall Group, Inc. (MDXL): Open Letter to MediXall Shareholders – April 02, 2019
Dear Fellow Shareholders:
At MediXall Group, we are building a better process in healthcare. Imagine that as soon as your physician identified a need (e.g., an MRI of your knee), they pulled up a list of options, and based on your insurance benefits, provided you with the options that best fit your coverage situation. Or, if your doctor gave you options to pay up front at a pre-negotiated discounted price (with your purchase being able to be applied to your deductible); and, if you have already met your deductible, allow you to book an appointment and use your insurance to receive some type of financial benefit. A step further, what if you could compare different options and schedule/pay for that visit before you left your physician’s office or be able to book the appointment in the comfort of your home while using either your computer or phone? That’s
We are at the beginning of consumer-focused healthcare, and, if we execute well, this is the beginning for As an organization, we are applying consumer-driven technology to the healthcare process to create real value for our users. By doing so, we are striving to create an enduring company, even in established and large markets.
Today, consumers simply want to get something done or resolve an issue (i.e. track a package; change a flight; fix a problem). These consumers increasingly want to do so quickly and efficiently online, without having to make a phone call, send an email or schedule an appointment. Plus, customers will come to expect even greater control over their service experience as advanced mobile devices find their way into more hands around the world. With customer expectations continuing to rise, self-service is no longer a “nice-to-have.” Rather, end-to-end self-service capabilities will play an increasingly central role in who retains more customers, fosters innovation and spurs growth. This has not happened in healthcare yet…
Read the complete letter on Yahoo Finance ( ————————————————————
MORE RECENT PRESS RELEASES Enters Partnership to Provide the First “Behavioral Health and Opioid and Substance Use Disorders” Network ( Looks to Accelerate Growth Within Their Rx Division With the Appointment of Clinical Pharmacist Ellis A. Ellis (
Turnkey Capital, Inc. (TKCI)
Many of you own TKCI. We have been very discriminating in our search for the right companies to acquire for Turnkey. Several companies that appeared to be a great fit were unwound when they failed to perform with strength immediately. We are very pleased to have an acquisition candidate that will bring value to the shareholders from Day1! See Collarmele Holdings, following.
Last year, TBG started a company, HealthSpan Medical Services, Inc., to provide ancillary services to healthcare providers. Our MediXall market research teams uncovered this demand in the provider community. We were able to create service contracts with many medical practices with our first product, IV Therapy. However, the healthcare practices did not have the clinical space, staffing, or immediate traffic to turn this service into a successful revenue center. We began to look for a commercial real estate developer with whom to partner, and provide turnkey solutions similar to the WeWork model, allowing providers access to desirable offices, with shared-space resources, and flexible leasing terms, in more locations.
TBG was able to engage Joseph Tagliola, long-time TBG Investor, and his shopping center/mall development firm, Collarmele Partners, to form a strategic partnership, taking a leading role in doing what they do best – reimagine and repurpose underutilized retail properties for a new life as healthcare, updated retail, and mixed-use revenue-generating properties. We called the company, Collarmele Holdings.
Joe Tagliola’s unique industry edge is an advanced ability to find the right value-added uses for under-utilized retail properties, bringing them back to a new life. Mr. Tagliola, and his development team, have been successfully reshaping development models for large scale commercial developments over the last several decades and have an understanding of what works in the marketplace. As former President of QIC US Properties (an $80B fund manager from Queensland Australia), former President of Retail and Office for Turnberry Associates, and Senior Executive Vice President of Westfield Corporation, Mr. Tagliola brings a depth of commercial development experience and execution to Collarmele Holdings. Some of their notable and prestigious past accomplishments include destination malls such as Aventura Medical Tower, JARED Jewelers in Aventura, FL, West Oaks Mall (Houston, Texas), Soho Mall & Plaza (Panama City, Panama), Yorktown Center, Lombard, Illinois, Colonie Center, Albany, New York, and many more.
Our partnership with Collarmele Partners brought us Healthcare Real Estate development PLUS opportunities to benefit from other retail and mixed-use commercial development. Collarmele Holdings’ shareholders will have ownership in Healthcare developments, Retail properties, and Mixed-use properties, that may include office, hotel, residential and retail, all in one development.
This company is already acquiring positions in active retail development projects in multiple states, and in preliminary stages of designing our first healthcare complex development! Collarmele Holdings will be acquired by TKCI within the next 90 days, and Joseph Tagliola will be named CEO.
As you can see, we at TBG are continuing to work very hard to build long-term value in your companies, bringing about the generous liquidity events that have been the ultimate goal since each company was formed.
We are looking forward to even better growth in the remainder of 2019.
Neil Swartz, CEO
Transportation Management Services (TMS)
TBG Investors who owned Continental Rail Corp received shares in TMS as well as MediXall Group. TMS holds a 10% interest in Continental Rail, LLC, which was funded by Golden State Capital to acquire and operate short line and regional railroads. Continental Rail owns/operates Delta Southern Railroad, and is actively bidding to acquire additional railroads.
The company is dedicated to establishing a conservative valuation for prospective acquisitions, and looks to add both equity and positive revenue from Day 1.
John Marino, who has been CEO since the company was formed, has built a superior management team of railroad professionals who can carry out the growth strategy, backed by the considerable resources of Golden Gate Capital.
TMS shareholders will realize their gains when the company is sold.
Contact: Sharon Ford 954-440-4678
About TBG
TBG Holdings, “Venture Capital for the Masses,” provides opportunities for select accredited investors to participate in the accelerated growth of early stage companies. TBG creates value for its shareholders by leveraging its “first view advantage” – spotting underappreciated and overlooked companies. TBG provides promising companies with a “Bridge to Liquidity” in the form of capital infusion and assistance with compliance filings, financial restructuring, and assistance to become publicly traded. Becoming a TBG accredited investor will allow you to: • Learn about early investment opportunities that the outside market will not see until after the first growth has already passed. • Acquire positions at discounts. • Avoid common mistakes that happen when you do not have enough information about a company. • Define an exit strategy based on intimate knowledge of a company’s timeline. TBG Holdings Corp incorporates the business expertise from both successful, innovative, and dynamic bus iness and service companies. TBG creates a fusion of cognitive thinking, deal structuring, growth strategies, and capital recruitment.
Safe Harbor Statement
This email may contain forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. These forward-looking statements are based on current plans and expectations of management and are subject to a number of uncertainties and risks that could significantly affect the Company’s current plans and expectations, as well as future results of operations and financial condition. Specifically, the Company’s ability to raise additional capital, execute its business plan and strategy, sustain or increase gross margins, achieve profitability and build shareholder value are forward looking statements. A more extensive listing of risks and factors that may affect the Company’s business prospects and cause actual results to differ materially from those described in the forward-looking statements can be found in the reports and other documents filed by the Company with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Company undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.
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