The Healthcare EcoSystem™
BETTER TECHNOLOGYBETTER HEALTHCAREDiscover how we’re leveraging technology to put the patient first

Our Mission

To revolutionize the medical/healthcare industry by improving communications; providing better technology and support services; and, enabling more efficient, cost-effective healthcare for the patient.

Our Vision

To transform healthcare by using new systems, processes and technology to assist Providers to be more effective; to better interact with Payers, Customers and Stakeholders. We believe that technology is the path to achieving our Mission.

Our Core Values

We are inspired by new healthcare models that are transparent, interactive and customer/patient-centric.

MediXall Healthcare EcoSystem

MediXall Investment Group has developed a new model for a healthcare “Ecosystem” hub to address the challenges and opportunities associated with the current state of Healthcare: enhancing the operations of the healthcare providers, while at the same time offering patients the tools and services that would allow them to take control of their own health-care.


  • Government Unveils Historic Price Transparency Rule
    Although an excellent start from the government, price transparency has been our main focus at MediXall for years.  View this email in your browser ( Dear […]
  • A Perspective On The New American Health Care Act of 2017 (AHCA)
    This past week the United States House of Representatives passed the long anticipated Republican healthcare bill. It passed with only Republican support and only then by […]
  • ObamaCare | Epilogue (Part 2)
    The U.S. presidential elections have passed, and as noted in previous blogs, we believed that regardless of which candidate prevailed, we would be facing a tectonic shift in healthcare in the U.S. and, it would seem, in the world. We ended Part 1 of this 2-part blog noting that we expected foreseeable “tectonic events” that would be driving forces in healthcare for the next decade.
  • ObamaCare | Epilogue (Part 1)
    On the eve of the what is likely one of the most momentous Presidential elections in our nation’s history, we will indulge ourselves one last time with an analytical and editorial look back at “ObamaCare”, or as it correctly named, the Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA). In our recently blogs, we opined on the relative impact on healthcare going forward with the election of Secretary Hillary Clinton or Mr. Donald Trump. We took for granted that the ACA will pass into history.
  • Clinton vs Trump 2016: Healthcare (4 of 4)
    In the previous three blogs we have attempted to set a baseline and then review the basic public policy platform of both Secretary Clinton and Mr. Trump regarding our national healthcare policy going forward.


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