Our Mission

MediXall Group’s mission is to revolutionize the medical industry by improving communication; providing better technology and support services; and enabling more efficient, cost-effective healthcare for the consumer. By approaching the healthcare ecosystem as a whole, MediXall creates, invests and incubates companies that embody its mission statement.

MediXall’s mission for its Healthcare EcoSystem™ is to create a dynamic distribution platform that attracts and supports new generations of healthcare technologies and services, delivering innovative solutions that help our Provider Network clients optimize their financial and operational performance. MediXall has developed three strategic initiatives for its Healthcare EcoSystem™ – the Network, the Marketplace, and the Strategic Partner Ecosystem – to identify opportunities in the market and seamlessly integrate innovative solutions that will benefit MediXall, our clients, and the healthcare industry as a whole.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a unified online environment that connects physicians and caregivers to patients, and payers to the caregivers, across all healthcare settings. Starting with pricing transparency, and leveraging the just-in-time service delivery model, we intend to expand our service offerings to enable smarter care and empower the consumer at virtually every point of the healthcare continuum; whether organically, through acquisitions, or through integration with our strategic partners’ solutions. As we expand the Healthcare EcoSystemTM, the MediXall Healthcare Marketplace will facilitate such transformation in the future of healthcare by offering community connectivity, interoperability, data analytics, and consumer engagement features and functionality.

Our Core Values

We are inspired by new healthcare models that are transparent, interactive and customer/patient-centric.

The Company – MediXall Group, Inc.

MediXall Group, Inc. includes three operating divisions:

  • MediXall Healthcare Marketplace (“MediXall Platform”)
  • MediXall Finance Group
  • MediXall Investment Group


  • Built out the MediXaid Provider Network in South Florida to over 5,500 Early Adopter members, and growing daily.
  • In March 2018, we completed development of the MediXall Healthcare Marketplace and initiated a controlled launch in South Florida, specifically in the counties of Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami Dade.
  • Established a medical finance company with established financing products to serve the MediXaid Provider Network.
  • Set up focused Marketing and Customer Service teams for some sectors of the Healthcare Marketplace.
  • Established Credentialing and Medical Review boards to protect the integrity of the MediXaid Provider Network and to ensure a high-quality experience for the consumer.


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