MediXall Investment Group


MediXall Investment Group has developed a new model for a healthcare “Ecosystem” hub to address the challenges and opportunities associated with the current state of Healthcare: enhancing the operations of the healthcare providers, while at the same time offering patients the tools and services that would allow them to take control of their own health-care. The MediXall Investment Group seeks to acquire, invest, or partner with owners of superior healthcare apps, devices, and technology enabled services aimed at improving the quality of healthcare, empowering the patient, and lowering the cost of health delivery

Before we engage in binding agreements with a company, it must address three or more of these five objectives:

  1. Reduce cost
  2. Promote better care and improves overall consumer wellness
  3. Create efficiencies and reduces waste and/or redundancies
  4. Follow the master trend in healthcare and demographics
  5. Remain consistent with U.S. Policies in the industry

In response to the enthusiastic welcome for healthcare pricing transparency from the 5,500-plus healthcare providers that have become Early Adopters of the MediXaid Provider Network so far, our team began to ask what more we could do to support our practitioners in building their practices. Many expressed a need for better access to patient information, better ways to increase attendance to appointments, and financial services to support both patient procedures and practice growth and operations.

As part of our MediXall business model, we are selecting the highest quality and most effective products and services to add to our Healthcare EcoSystemTM that will address these needs, while at the same time help MediXaid Provider Network members increase their net margins and keep more of their revenue, as well as assist in reducing their business operations burden.

Current targets / Technology

Key Areas that MediXall Investment Group will focus on, include:

  • Innovative Healthcare Solutions – Solutions that are intended to assist physicians, hospitals, and health systems, as well as government and private sector payers, to manage treatment outcomes through a patient-centered wellness principle, centered on both improving the quality of care and providing that care in a cost effective manner.
  • Wellness – A rapidly growing trend in health care is wellness – Preventing disease from occurring in the first place. A patient’s genetic predisposition to certain disease states such as blood clotting, cardiovascular disease, how a patient metabolizes dietary fats can drive health choices that lead to improved health.


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